Jane is a wonderful lady I met and worked with a few years ago.  I was so excited when she asked me to do a podcast with her.  I love her work, she gets to meet so many interesting and inspiring people covering so many topics its well worth signing up as its a great way to enjoy your morning coffee.

This is an insight into how I work and what I can do for others. The triggers that bought me to the spiritual journey and the continued process of growth. Discussing the lighter vibration energy that connects us to all that is…. Remembering the people, we lost.  We play in the energy to complete physical, emotional and spiritual changes to create that lighter way of being.

How we can peel the onion to become unstuck and be OK with whatever is happening in our life. Understanding how the Theta brain wave (dream state) can lead us to a universal energy to make the changes that you need. Making connections to your higher guidance and angels and the source energy and see and live from the highest perspective.  Working in the light authentically helping people along their own paths.  A brief insight into the collective consciousness and the lifting of others.  How to keep your vibrations high to help others and ourselves. Tapping in and changing our perceptions to create more happiness and moving away from negativity and living in a positive way of being (most of the time).

Set yourself a challenge and see the results?

Find the way to raise your vibrations, be living in the moment and capturing your thoughts and feelings. Coming from your heart centre to become 100% the authentic you!  xxx