Lorraine has unique gifts that allows her to uncover hidden blocks, beliefs and past events that may be blocking us from having the life we desire and becoming awakened to our spiritual self.

If you are looking for personal freedom in any areas of your life be it physical, emotional or spiritual then Lorraine will be able to help.

She has many gifts that enable her to intuitively scan and read the body, and with a strong connection to her spiritual guides and source energy, every block or obstacle can be dealt with.

This could be a stepping stone or even a guided journey to enhance your life.

Also training in Naturopathic Nutrition to aid the physical body if required to help recover once the emotional attachments have been released.

Wisdom from beyond may be the key to your success?

Lorraine intuitively reads the body, uncovering the issues that block many pathways to aid the physical body and enhance the physical healing when required.