What if you had access to the truth.

What if you could tap into the natural abilities of your body and mind, and do so easily and almost instantaneously.

It is a time for letting go of past issues and being in this very moment?

It is a time for staying in the now and not racing to the future because you could miss the untold possibilities that may await you?

Are you ready to experience the energy shifts that will benefit you moving into a lighter space of being?

We carry many things from our past and the more we can understand the truth and release the more we can heal our mind, body and spirit.

What is your desire for the future?

If you would like to continue your journey of transition, then maybe I can assist you by helping you free yourself from the things that no longer serve you.

Helping you shift your energy in ways that will unblock the obstacles, the knots, and the beliefs that hold you back.

To being empowered!

Lorraine Stone


Being at one with the higher self and being in alignment with your true self is possible, being in alignment with your purpose is possible. Being in alignment with your truth is all possible. Let’s begin the journey!

Testimonials ‘What Other’s Have Said’… 

I’ve worked with Lorraine several times over the course of two years and every time I come away with more insight into myself and a better understanding of where I can go next. She helps not only to clear old trauma, limiting beliefs and other residual energy, she has a sincere desire to help. I feel like she’s one of those special people we meet in life and we know each other immediately, like we’ve just found each other again. The most important thing to me, when working with an energy healer is to have trust. I trust Lorraine’s intentions, her talents and her true purpose of creating healing for me and in the world. She’s the real deal.

Love you!


Theta healing with Lorraine has given me my life back. Thanks to Lorraine I successfully returned to work after experiencing a devastating bipolar episode. She was not afraid to help me tackle anxiety, fear and panic that I had always felt were completely out of proportion to anything I had experienced in my life time. She helped me clear past life trauma and I participated in her Theta courses, learning how to use Theta healing techniques on myself when anxieties arose during my road to recovery. Unlike some other practitioners Lorraine was not afraid of my mental health diagnosis. She was and continues to be very generous in her time and has also helped me cope with issues relating to bereavement and challenging family relationships.


Thank you, Lorraine, for the wonderful treatment. I have left it feeling lighter and brighter and with calm restored.  If everyone came to you, the world would be a happier place!

I would recommend Lorraine’s treatments to everyone. The theta healing pressed buttons I didn’t know were there to be pressed and whilst I felt an immediate benefit, it is the subtle changes to my outlook and heath that I have noticed over time that have really impressed me.  Thank you, Lorraine.


Lorraine is a wonderfully intuitive, connected and compassionate practitioner of the healing arts. I have had numerous sessions with Lorraine over the past couple of years. She always gets to the heart of the particular problem and assists me in releasing outgrown beliefs, negative emotions and inner conflict with great efficiency and effectiveness.

A trained healer and therapist myself, I’ve been able to release more in a few hour-long ThetaHealing sessions with Lorraine than I released over hours, days and even months with other therapeutic techniques. I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough and have already done so to many of my friends, who have also witnessed similar shifts.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lorraine.